SheNYC is the City’s premier festival showcasing new, original works by gender-marginalized writers, composers, & directors.

Photo: The Shoebox by Kate Brennan at SheNYC 2019. Photo credit: Kate Brennan.

Announcing our 2022 SheNYC Festival Shows!

The 2022 SheNYC Theater Festival will run July 25-August 7th at the Connelly Theater in the East Village. We’re proud to be back at the Connelly for a fifth year!

Our 2022 Festival will include 7 new plays, 2 new musicals, and New Play Resident Kristy Thomas. Read on below to learn more about each show.

Subscription Packages

New this year: You can now see multiple shows in the festival for a discounted rate! The more shows you see, the more you save. 

COVID Requirements:

All patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination at the door, and to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times while in the theater. We thank you for helping keep our staff, crew, and staff healthy! 

ASL Interpretation Will Be Provided at:

The Waiting, Wednesday, August 3 at 7:30pm

Sheepwell, Friday August 5 at 8:30pm

About the Venue – The Connelly Theater

The venue is at 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY. Doors will open 15 minutes prior to the performance time. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has an all-gender restroom. If you require any additional accessibility accommodations, please email

Nearest subway line: F train at 2nd Avenue

Meet The Shows

Dream a Little Dream of Me

By Kay Kemp

Play | Drama

In an old, achy house in the suburbs of Detroit, paid for with sweat and tears, Colleen, an adult who has just recently left home behind, returns to take care of Priscilla, her aging mother. Through their conversations and Priscilla’s “episodes”, as well as the intervention of the malevolent spirit known only as Angel-Boy, we see the toll a sickness can take not only on a person’s mind, but on a family’s bonds.

Thursday, Aug 4 @ 8:00pm

Saturday, Aug 6 @ 12:00pm

To Free A Mockingbird

By Grace Aki

Play | Comedy with heart

To Free a Mockingbird is a combination of storytelling and stand-up, with heart. We follow Grace’s family’s journey across the sea and through the south. An examination of ‘Gone with the Wind’, family secrets and how our stories get told. To Free A Mockingbird is a vulnerable and daring piece, filled with Grace’s effortless humor and honesty. Generational trauma is funny…right? This is her story and maybe yours as well.

Wednesday, July 27 @ 7:00pm

Friday, July 29 @ 8:30pm


By Jordyn Stoessel

Play | Drama

Hack is the story of a young woman who achieves YouTube stardom after her “What I Eat in a Day” video goes viral. As a budding, unqualified wellness vlogger, she is sponsored by a fasting clinic to embark on a month-long supervised water fast. A play that explores themes of disordered eating and America’s obsession with diet culture, Hack is a shitshow that throat-chops the modern influencer.

Tuesday, Aug 2 @ 7:30pm

Saturday, Aug 6 @ 8:30pm


By Kristy Thomas

Play | Drama

The New Play Residency is awarded each year to a former SheNYC program alumni, to give them the space to workshop a brand new play.

Lights up on two Black boys: one tries to prepare the other for what lies beyond. Beginning with a crime scene Anytown, USA, the boys bond over a game of basketball: it’s universal, and it’s safe. Gray tells different stories by different people and perspectives of issues that face Black men and women in this country, at present and historically. The experience reminds of a general theme of history continuing to repeat itself and brings another shining light on the fact that this life is not clearly black or white, but rather we live in shades of “Gray.”

Sunday, July 31 @ 4:00pm

Monday, Aug 1 @ 7:30pm

One Day Down

By Samantha Toy Ozeas

Play | Drama

Days away from the 2016 National Mock Trial Tournament and moments away from choking each other to death, high school seniors Marion and Simon do all they can to keep their team on task for their upcoming tournament. After receiving an oddly violent practice case in the mail, the team begins to fall apart at the seams, and a larger vengeance plot rises to the surface.
One Day Down comments on the stigma and toll of speaking up against sexual violence, and the paranoia inflicted on survivors.


Friday, July 29 @ 6:00pm

Saturday, July 30 @ 8:00pm

Pot Odds

by Gabrielle Wagner Mann

Play | Drama

When conservative, white Southern-belle Natalie arrives in New York City to collect the belongings of her dead twin sister, she meets Kendra — and learns that her estranged sister’s roommate is not only Black, but is more than just a roommate. She must confront her sister’s choices, as well as her own fears and prejudices and they both challenge each other in unexpected ways. Panic attacks, pot brownies and pocket aces help them deal with grief, guilt and an unexpected guest. All-in with one card to come, will they stay at odds or make the right read on each other?

Saturday, July 30 @ 1:00pm

Sunday, July 31 @ 8:00pm

Safe Hands

By Alara Magritte & Daniel Rosen

Folk Rock Musical | Drama

Safe Hands is a bold new musical that takes an honest look at life before Roe. v. Wade. In 1956 New Jersey, newlywed Lydia moves to the suburbs, ready to become a perfect happy housewife like her neighbor Bunnie. But when Lydia learns that Bunnie received an abortion at an underground clinic on the far side of town, she is pulled into a secret that threatens to shatter her carefully crafted life. Set against a soaring folk rock score, Safe Hands examines the hidden lives of women and the communities they forge behind closed doors.

Thursday, July 28 @ 7:30pm

Saturday, July 30 @ 4:00pm


By Margaret Rose Caterisano

Play | Dark Comedy

Wattle and her daughter, Sarah, live on the rural Highway 29 just outside the small college town of Troy in Alabama. Wattle is awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a naked man, Thomas, stumbling around in her back yard. She clothes and feeds the stranger, and gives him a place to spend the night. She, Sarah, and Thomas discuss the pros and cons of leaping to assumptions and jumping into relationships until Thomas decides it is time to leave — but it won’t be that easy. Sheepwell is a very dark comedy about the importance of first impressions and false assumptions.

Friday, Aug 5 @ 8:30pm (ASL Interpreted Performance)

Saturday, Aug 6 @ 3:00pm

The Waiting, A New Musical

By EmmaLee Kidwell and Maria Isabella Andreoli

Folk Musical | Drama | ASL Interpretation will be provided; details coming soon!

The Waiting is a folk musical that centers around widowed mother Chlo Evans shortly after the disappearance of her young daughter, Willow. As Chlo searches for her daughter, she discovers a parallel universe, The InBetween, where lost souls wait to pass through to the afterlife. Here Chlo learns that people she’s lost in life are not as far gone as they may seem. As Chlo’s understanding of her reality bends, will she be able to go beyond the pain of her loss, or will her soul stay trapped by the padlock of grief?

Wednesday, Aug 3 @ 7:30pm (ASL Interpreted Performance)

Saturday, Aug 6 @ 6:00pm

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Artist Directory

Are you a stage manager, director, choreographer, musical director, or designer? Add your name to our Artist Directory. We’ll send the writers this list of artists as a reference to help them fill in any blanks on their production teams. (Note that we don’t take actors on the Artist Directory – we will have a separate casting call in May for actors). 

Pro Tip: Write “Festival Producer” or “Festival Volunteer” under “what’s your specialty” if you’re interested in volunteering for the Festival as a whole!

2023 Script Submissions

Script submissions for the 2023 SheNYC Theater Festival will open in September 2022. If you’re interested in submitting, read on below to learn more about submitting next year! 

We empower gender-marginalized writers to self-produce their work, in a safe environment with subsidized costs and mentorship along the way. 

What is a Theater Festival?

A theater festival is an opportunity for playwrights to self-produce their work in full onstage, for a paying audience. Festivals have multiple shows which all share resources, making the process far less expensive for everyone than producing your show in full on your own. If you’ve done developmental readings already and feel like you’re ready to take the next step of seeing your piece fully staged, a festival is probably the right fit for you!

There is no participation fee to participate in the SheNYC Summer Theater Festival. Note that everything listed below is subject to change pending the COVID-19 pandemic and our staff and shows’ safety.

SheNYC Provides:


The rental of the Connelly Theater in the East Village, a beautiful 99-seat proscenium theatre and all of the equipment that goes inside of it:

  • All light and curtain rentals
  • Laptop and speaker system for sound cues
  • Miscellaneous tech items like gaff tape, common tools, etc
  • A 5-hour long tech slot to tech your show
  • General Liability Insurance for your time inside the theater (note that this is separate from the insurance required by AEA if you hire AEA actors)


We provide the staff IN the theater to make your tech and performances run smoothly, including:

  • A Production Manager and Associate Production Manager to run your tech and call your show
  • A lighting designer to design your lights and program the light board during your tech
  • A sound technician to make sure your sound cues run smoothly
  • 1-2 additional backstage crew members to use in a way that best fits your show
  • Full front of house staff – Ushers, Box Office, Concessions, and House Manager


  • We provide some limited miscellaneous set pieces that will be shared by all of the shows, exact pieces TBD. In the past, we’ve had tables, chairs, and couches to offer to all of our productions. Our Production Manager will poll the shows in advance of tech to get an idea of what the furniture needs may be.
  • We also have a Materials for the Arts (MFTA) membership, which provides free materials for arts nonprofits. We’ll set up a group visit to their warehouse in Queens so you can get free set, props, and costume items.
  • An upright piano in the space.


  • We have a marketing campaign advertising the festival as a whole with social media ads, Google Ads, and various ads on other digital outlets that theatergoers frequent.


  • Unique to SheNYC, we provide a Mentor to each show. This is a member of our Festival staff who is there to guide you through the festival process, offer advice, and be an extra set of hands to help out as needed.


Some other tools and items we provide are: 

  • We pay for your first $200 in rehearsal studio space
  • Playbill for all shows
  • A closing night party with awards determined by a panel of industry judges
  • Full ticketing system managed by SheNYC Box Office staff
  • Production photography & videography
  • $5 for every in-person full-price ticket sold to your show; and our Tip The Writers program allows patrons to leave you a tip for digital performances, which we pay out to you at the end of the Festival
  • A life-long community of artists who will support all of your work in the future!

You Provide:


You can choose to work with Union or non-Union artists.

  • If you do hire AEA actors, you will need to manage your contract or code with them, pay them the amounts dictated by your contract with AEA, and provide the insurance required by AEA (your show mentor can help explain!)

Any other creative team members (except a lighting designer, which SheNYC provides) that you think you need to build the world of your show. Just note that with limited tech and load-in time, we recommend you keep it simple!


  • Any additional set, costumes, and props that aren’t covered by our shared pieces or MFTA warehouse.
  • If your show requires a band, you/your musicians should bring their own instruments beyond a piano.​


You handle the entire rehearsal process before you get into the SheNYC Theater. Booking rehearsal studios tends to be the biggest expense in your budget, so we have some partnerships with local studios to get you discounts on those costs.

*New to 2022: Due to a generous grant, we’re able to cover the first $200 toward rehearsal studios!*


While we manage paid ads for the festival, we need your help to spread the word about your show to your networks! You likely won’t need or want to put money into this — just some old-fashioned effort of starting an Instagram for your show, emailing your network to let them know about your performances, and otherwise spreading the word to family & friends.